Traditionally the bride and groom would give their guests a wedding favour (known as a bonbonniere) during the wedding reception as a token of their appreciation. The wedding favour would consist of a tiny trinket box filled with sugar cubes. Later sugared almonds became the gift of choice and 5 Jordon almonds were given to guests in an ornate box representing longevity, wealth, health, fertility and happiness.

Diamante Favour Boxes

Today sugared almonds are still a popular favour filling as is other confectionery such as jelly beans, jelly babies, love hearts and chocolate shaped hearts. Your local chocolatier should be your port of call if your looking for unique delicious chocolates to add to your favour box. MnM’s in your wedding colours also make an eye catching filing. Mini eggs are perfect for Easter wedding favours and gold coins for Christmas weddings. Bath bombs, soaps and scented candles will fill your reception with a beautiful aroma. Plant or flower seeds will remind your guests of your special day when the flowers begin to bloom. Charity pins and badges from a charity close to your heart make a meaningful gift.