The final new design to launch this week is ‘La Dame De Fer‘ featuring a vintage Eiffel Tower print.  I had to be a bit creative about naming this new design as we already have a collection called ‘Paris‘ inspired by the chic and glamourous capital of fashion and one of my favourite cities.  I didn’t want to name it just ‘Eiffel Tower’ so I searched for what the Eiffel Tower was known as to Parisians and came across ‘La Dame de Fer’.  It means ‘the iron lady’ of Paris – isn’t that wonderful?

Eiffel Tower 'La Dame de Fer' Wedding Invitations

Eiffel Tower ‘La Dame de Fer’ Wedding Invitations

I love the story of the Eiffel Tower – it was completed in 1889 for Exposition Universelle, a World Fair held in Paris. The Eiffel Tower was the entrance to the fair and like many structures erected for World Fairs it was originally intended to be a temporary structure and to be dismantled thereafter. It had a permit for 20 years and should have been torn down in 1909. But because it proved invaluable for communication purposes, especially during WW1, it was allowed to remain. I really love that story!

‘La Dame de Fer’ has a tiny Swarovski crystal on top, a reminder of the fabulous light show installed for the Millenium and now a beacon in the Paris night sky.  The scroll with your wedding date on can be colour customised to match your wedding theme and the text on the card.  There is also the option of adding a silky satin bow to the folded card to compliment the design.

Eiffel Tower 'La Dame de Fer' Flat Evening Invitations

Eiffel Tower ‘La Dame de Fer’ Flat Evening Invitations

The flat style ‘La Dame de Fer’ invitation is a lovely option suitable for day and evening invitations comprising of a double mounted design with ribbon detail.

Eiffel Tower Flat Evening Invitation

Eiffel Tower Flat Evening Invitation

This design is chic and stylish with a luxury feel without the price tag – simple card prints start at £2.50 personalised with your wedding details. Visit the ‘La Dame de Fer‘ web page for more information, prices and to order a colour customised samples.  Cute matching place cards are also available at £1.65 each which would make a lovely additional to a Parisian themed wedding.

View from the mid way point of the Eiffel Tower (2008)

View from the mid way point of the Eiffel Tower (2007)

Here is a little picture of the view from the midway point of the Eiffel Tower from when my husband and I visited Paris back in 2007 (the top was closed unfortunately due to high winds) – I hope we get to go back soon!!